Repairing, Restoring and Replacing Pumping Stations
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TnT Technologies can do most wiring or electrical work. We provide routine maintenance work, such as changing 120V light fixtures, to more indepth work such as installing "soft starts" or variable speed drives on pump motors. TnT can completely wire a new treatment plant or pumping station.

Soft starts on pump motors will slowly start and / or stop the motor to help prevent water hammer and pressure surges, a technology used in several utility pumping situations, from well pump motors to high service pumps, along with pumping stations. Soft start/stop should be considered being installed on the pump motor if pumping stations currently using hydraulic actuated pump flow control valves to help prevent water hammer and are having operational issues with them such as plugged needle valves. In certain situations, soft starts may also save you electricity costs on the "demand" portion of your electric utility bill. If you are building a new plant or pumping station, let TnT work with you to install soft starts on your pump motors. If you are replacing a failed motor starter, let TnT replace it with a new technology soft start. If you are having water hammer problems, TnT can work with you to solve the problem.

Variable speed drives (VFD) are specialized motor controllers that can be used to operate a pump over a wide range of flow conditions. VFDs can be used to start a pump very slowly or quickly stop a pump motor. VFDs can also be controlled by an external input (SCADA system 4-20 ma input) to match a pump's output to a specific pressure or flow. A VFD can be used in constant pressure pump situations. VFDs are available in a wide range of horse power from, fractional horse power to well over 100 horse power. VFDs can be used on well pumps or high service pumps to meet variable pumping demands and can also be used in metering pump applications to control chemical feed rates. VFDs are very flexible in their programming and can meet almost any need.

Pumping stations or lift stations of course require electricity to operate. TnT can build the entire pumping station, or we can work with another contractor to install the electrical portion after the station is built. Our experience includes small pressure pump stations using 120 V single phase and larger pumping and lift stations using 480 V three phase services.

Emergency Generators are commonly used in utility plants and pumping stations and TnT can maintain your existing generator and transfer switch, or we can install a new one for your operation. If you have an existing generator, not controlled by your SCADA system, then TnT can make the connections for you so that you will have complete control and monitoring of the generator's operation.

Motor repairs are a big part of any utility's operation. TnT can work with you to pull motors from treatment plants, pumping stations, and sewer lift stations and have them repaired or rewound and can reinstall the rebuilt motor for you. If you considering the installation of high efficiency premium motors and are you planning for future pumping upgrades, but have a failed motor now, TnT can work with you to install the correct motor for your application.

Motor control panels are another speciality of TnT. Would you like to repalce an old motor control panel that has been in place for many years? Would you like to add local manual and remote automatic operations to an existing motor control panel? TnT has the expertise to build a new motor control panel to fit your specific needs.