Repairing, Restoring and Replacing Pumping Stations
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TnT's technicians have extensive experience with wastewater systems. We can build new lift stations, rehab existing lift stations, pull pumps for repairs or maintenance, install flow weirs. calibrate flow meters, take care of your motor control panels, install level sensors, make motor repairs, install motor starters, work with variable speed drives, work on check valve pits, and set up station bypass pumping. We can work on lagoons, blowers, aerators, and a wide variety of waste water treatment plant equipment.

We also work on tank level sensors (pressure and ultra sonic), flow meters (propeller and mag meters), pH probes, motor control panels, motor starters (across line and soft start), variable speed drives, chemical feed pumps, online chlorine analyzers. ORP sensors, motor repair, instrument calibrations, instrument repairs, chlorine leak detectors, chlorine regulators, lightning arresters, SCADA systems, radio communications issues, field RTU troubleshooting and repairs, emergency generators, auto or manual transfer switches, and much more.

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